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What is Toronto’s and Greater Toronto Area's First Line Security Solution for Home and Business Safety?



Imagine burglars coming to your home. How do you feel about it?

Is your house or business security good enough so that you feel safe for your family or your business?


Live like a hermit

Of course, there are some obvious solutions like stated in this article entitled 7 Ways to Discourage Thieves from Breaking into Your Home. However, tips number 4, 5 and 7 state that you should hide your belongings, avoid having too many trees where burglars can hide and always close the curtains... So basically, hide your financial success, plan your landscape to prevent burglars from hiding instead of planing it to please what you like and live like a hermit...


Hide for the rest of your life?

While those tips might be great solutions and you might be a humble and resilient person, do you want to hide for the rest of your life to protect your family or your business? The freedom VS security compromise is often necessary but should it affect your quality of life as much?


Driveway gate

Some people think that the first preventive solution for home security is a security camera network or an alarm system. While these solutions are great, the first line security solution is a driveway gate combined with fences. It doesn't matter if it's a sliding gate, a swing gate if it's made of aluminum or of wood and if it's automated or not. If burglars can't approach your home with their vehicle, it will increase drastically the level of difficulty to reach your property, to load "your" stuff and to escape in hurry. That's a very strong incentive for criminals to target another place where there's no safety gate.



In this situation, would you rather have a security gate or not? The answer is obvious! However, not all gates are created equal.



If you decided to buy a wooden or aluminum security electric driveway gate for your Toronto home or business, what would be the criteria that you would look for? As opposed to other countries where the climate is less aggressive in winter, in Canada corporate and home security gates need to be ready to face big temperature gaps that can create thermal expansion problems that might bring a common problem like the one presented in this picture.
















Unique patent

So before choosing the right sliding or swing gate for your property security, you would probably look for price, durability and look. With the unique patented U structure technology to solidify their gate's design, Mastergate Plus offers, you would have access to the best standards on the market at a great price for the value provided. We offer both, prefabricated and automated gates. For our prefabricated gates, we even offer gate operators to facilitate the efficiency of the gate usage. Automated gates work 100%  with solar power.


Our team takes great pride in offering the best security gates in Toronto.

















Here's a video showing you why our swing or sliding driveway gates are the strongest and most durable on the market for your business or your home.


















Is it worth it?

Is your family or your business worth this investment? If you are uncertain whether or not your house or your business needs a swing gate or a sliding gate as a first line security option, look at this Toronto crime map presented by CBC or you can go directly to the Toronto Police Service Public Safety Data Portal.


Adding a gate to your property will attract buyers as they will feel a sense of security and prestige from your property.



Secure your world

Contact us today to have more information on how we could help you secure your world like we do for many businesses and homes with our different models of electric swing gates in Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, we install our driveway gates everywhere in Ontario.



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